As Adventure Cycling Association’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) you will be responsible for creating innovative marketing strategies that build our brand by engaging, expanding, and diversifying our community.

Our ideal candidate possesses effective communication, leadership, and consensus-building skills, with proven success in traditional and innovative campaigns across the broad spectrum of marketing channels. We are looking for a ground-breaking leader with strategic, creative, and financial acumen as well as a strong business intellect to take our organization to the next level. The successful candidate will be a team builder and collaborator who brings out the best in people and relishes an opportunity to shape the future of bicycling and human-powered travel in North America.

You will be successful in this position if you:

  • Create and implement a staffing structure and work environment that inspires your direct reports and their staff to perform beyond expectation quarter after quarter,
  • Help Adventure Cycling achieve the next level in community engagement, philanthropy and profit,
  • Deliver solid digital marketing performance for every business line and donation revenue stream,
  • Establish a successful digital community engagement platform, leveraging engagement and value from customers, members, and donors,
  • Arrive to work every day inspired to make a positive difference in the world.

As the pioneer nonprofit of bike travel, Adventure Cycling, and the industry as a whole, are at a pivotal crossroads with massive opportunity for systemic change. We seek someone with the experience, creativity, and the drive to align our assets and history to fulfill our potential as a leader in this shift.

As a member of Adventure Cycling’s Executive Team, the CMO will help to set, and be held accountable to achieve, Adventure Cycling’s strategic, annual, and long-term objectives. This position will work cross-departmentally to increase the effectiveness of all products, offerings, and communications to maximize community engagement and respond adeptly to market changes. This includes owning the customer lifecycle from visitor to member to tour participant to donor.

Experience working in or with nonprofit organizations is preferred, with special consideration given to membership organizations and philanthropy.

Areas of Influence and Excellence:

  • Organizational direction and support: Align Marketing and Communications strategy and delivery in service to organizational aspirations.
  • Marketing strategy: Own and align the go-to-market strategy for business units and philanthropic efforts. Develop and guide implementation and optimization of our full marketing funnel, from lead generation through qualification, engagement, and various forms of conversion. The omni-channel marketing model includes offline channels (media, content, events) and innovative digital channels including email, owned and paid social, video, audio, SEO, and SEM.
  • Communications and Brand: Drive strategy and execution to strengthen our differentiated Adventure Cycling Brand across all external and internal stakeholder audiences.
  • Creative Services: Drive the creation of collateral to support all organizational objectives and program managers.
  • Market Research: Direct market research to identify and prioritize marketing, channel, and product strategies to reach and increase participation and conversion among new and diverse audiences.
  • Analysis and reporting: Lead the evolution of Marketing’s analytical evaluation and implement improvements, including determining the correct indicators to inform strategies and measure impact.
  • Outreach: Serve periodically as a spokesperson for the organization, in-person, and at conferences, expos, and trade shows.
  • Department management: Supervise up to three directors within the M&C Department. Ensure delivery on annual objectives and metrics tied to strategic goals. Mentor directors in how they guide and grow their direct reports.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Leadership experience with the ability to motivate and provide professional development to a team of three direct reports. A hands-on collaborative style of working is a must!
  • Marketing and business development experience, with a focus on market expansion and identifying emerging market trends.
  • Experience building brand awareness and internal support.
  • Demonstrated success translating business objectives into marketing metrics, tracking and analyzing using a variety of analytical tools (e.g. Google analytics) and reporting via easy-to-understand dashboards, with clear implications and recommendations.
  • Thorough knowledge of marketing principles, brand, product and service management, sales and business development; along with a demonstrated track record of success and performance.
  • Ability to understand changing market dynamics, translating them into actionable strategies to achieve company objectives.
  • Experience working with a variety of traditional and modern marketing and communications functions including: branding and messaging to different target audiences.
  • An understanding of print material production; development and implementation of social media plans; and working with the press.
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field required; advanced degrees, unique experiences, and professional and personal connection to bicycles and travel preferred.

Compensation and Workplace

We prefer that this position is located at Adventure Cycling’s headquarters in beautiful and bike-friendly Missoula, Montana; and will consider a remote work location for the right candidate. Anchored by the University of Montana and nestled in a gorgeous mountain valley along the Clark Fork River, Missoula has been featured on many “best places to live” lists and has a vibrant community life driven by creative people who love to eat, play, live, and work in one of the premier towns of the American West. This leadership position will be competitively compensated in the Northern Rockies region. Excellent benefits include paid time off, holidays, an additional fully paid one-week bike vacation (aka. “bike respite”), medical, dental and vision coverage, life insurance and retirement plan. We have a wonderful office in downtown Missoula, with a friendly and committed staff. Adventure Cycling Association is an equal opportunity employer.

Salary range: $85,000-100,000


Please submit application materials here. We may also ask candidates who will be interviewed to provide a portfolio of their relevant marketing and communications work.

Application deadline: The position is open until filled. Please submit application materials as soon as possible as we have just begun to review applicant submissions.

Our Story

Adventure Cycling serves through its members. Our cycling community encourages and supports countless cyclists each year as they explore the beauty and history of America while tending to their mental and physical well-being. For nearly half a century, Adventure Cycling has created life-changing experiences that deepen appreciation for our country’s diverse cultures, communities, landscapes, and people. As the largest nonprofit cycling organization in the country, we have an impactful voice in policies and programs that advance the safety and accessibility of cycling.

The Adventure Cycling Route Network is the gold standard in cycling networks, incorporating 50,000 miles of meticulously documented bike routes to the most iconic and hidden destinations across the country. We led the effort to create the first official national cycling network: the U.S. Bicycle Route System. Once complete, it will be the largest official cycling route network on earth. And our preeminent bike tour magazine, Adventure Cyclist, supported by more than 50,000 members, is the leading resource for bike travel in America.

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Adventure Cyclist is a bicycle-travel magazine published nine times yearly by Adventure Cycling Association, a nonprofit service organization for bicyclists. Adventure Cyclist is dedicated to publishing stories about bicycle travel and other recreational cycling subjects.
Adventure Cyclist generally uses two types of stories from freelancers: 

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What we pay is negotiable, but generally ranges from $.25 to $.50 per word, depending on various factors. We buy first rights and will consider simultaneous submissions as long as we are informed of the other publications considering your manuscript. Your manuscript should be typed with single returns between paragraphs — no indentations — and single-spaced.

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Interested in Becoming a Adventure Cycling Guest Blogger? Here's What You Need to Know...

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The Adventure Cycling blog covers touring tips and gear, places to ride, and adventure stories.

The Adventure Cycling blog generally uses five types of posts from guest bloggers:

  1. Inspiring posts: An inspiring story about someone achieving something. The main message here is “if he can do it, so can I.” Click here for an example.
  2. How-to/tutorial posts: This is one of the most popular post types and one that arguably brings the most value to our community. The most important thing to focus on while writing it is to give some specific information on how to do/perform/attain/reach whatever is promised in the title of the post. Videos and images work very well as additional resources for how-to posts. Click here for an example.
  3. Stories: There’s nothing like a good story of a bicycle trip or bike overnight. Click here for an example.
  4. Standard list posts: A list post is another popular post type. The basic idea is that you take a topic or a problem and you try to come up with a number of separate solutions to it. List posts are so popular because they are extremely easy to follow. Each point is usually not related to the other ones, which means that even a distracted mind can get a lot of value from the whole post. Click here for an example.
  5. Photo essay: A set or series of photographs that are intended to tell a story. Please include captions with all photographs. 

No length requirements: Posts should simply be high quality and comprehensive. 

Not-So-Fine Print:

  1. We prefer a well-written and high-quality original article (we all know how Google hates duplicate content).
  2. We prefer an article that reflects the writing style/tone of the Adventure Cycling blogs.
  3. Include a short author bio including a maximum of 1 anchor text link to your own website. 
  4. To adhere to Google's guidelines for guest blogging, articles that are clearly intended as a link building scheme will be rejected. So please be thoughtful about any links you include in the articles you submit for consideration.
  5. Include proper attribution of photos, data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article.
  6. Submissions must meet the Adventure Cycling blogging team's quality standards in order to get published.
  7. Please avoid being self-promotional in the body of your article. Save that for your author bio.
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