Position: Director of Experiences - Operational Oversight

Reports To: VP of Programs
Salary: $70,000-78,000
Start Date: Immediately

Position Overview:

The Director of Experiences will oversee Adventure Cycling’s Experiences programming, focusing on guided bike travel adventures such as self-contained tours, fundraising tours, and educational tours. This role entails operational oversight and logistical execution of the guided experiences slate, ensuring seamless delivery of guided tours, introductory and educational camps, and fundraising tours. While there is a strong preference for in-person work at our headquarters in Missoula, MT, remote work options may be considered for exceptional candidates who can demonstrate effective remote management abilities while fostering a culture of teamwork, communication, risk management, compliance, and exceptional customer service. The Director report to the Vice President, Programs, and work in collaboration with the VP in crafting the future of Experiences at Adventure Cycling in coordination with the 2024-2029 Strategic Plan.

Key Responsibilities:

Operational Oversight and Logistical Execution (60%)

  • Manage and coordinate guided bike travel adventures, including self-contained tours, fundraising tours, and educational tours, ensuring exceptional customer service at all touchpoints. 
  • Supervise the creation and implementation of new guided tours and educational programs. 
  • Implement risk management improvements based on recommendations from the 2023 risk management audit, ensuring the safety and security of participants and staff. 
  • Ensure compliance with tour leader guidelines and regulations, providing necessary training and support to maintain high standards of professionalism and safety. 
  • Oversee the implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and technological solutions to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. 
  • Develop and implement operational strategies for remote management, if applicable, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among remote team members. 
  • Review and assess current operational processes, identifying areas for improvement to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in remote management. 
  • Collaborate with the team to develop replicable systems and procedures for scalable remote operations. 
  • Monitor program operations and provide guidance for system improvements to optimize resource utilization and enhance operational efficiency. 

Leadership and Program Management (40%)

  • In coordination with the VP, Programs and the Adventure Cycling Strategic Plan, create, plan, and execute new educational and skill building programs nationwide. 
  • Supervise remote staff, including Tours Operations Manager, Tour Leader Compliance Manager, Customer Experience Coordinator and project-based contract staff, providing coaching and support to foster skill development and talent within the team. 
  • Represent the Experiences team in Director’s meetings and the Program Leadership team, contributing to strategic planning and action plans to achieve organizational goals. 
  • Oversee the Experiences budget of $3M, conducting annual budget planning and forecasting, and monitoring monthly budgets to achieve targets. 
  • Oversee the Tour Leader Compliance Manager who oversees 50-100 seasonal staff

    Required Qualifications:
  • Understanding and willingness to engage with issues of institutional and structural biases and their impacts on the organization and community. 
  • Commitment to equity and inclusion, respecting differences in race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, ability, religion, and socio-economic circumstances. 
  • 5-8 years of prior experience in outcomes-based program leadership and operations. 
  • Prior budget management experience of at least $500,000. 
  • Strong understanding of risk management principles and practices. 
  • Experience in tour leader compliance and safety regulations. 
  • Proficiency in CRM systems and technological implementation for operational efficiency. 
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills, with the ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people. 
  • Strong decision-making, delegation skills, and problem-solving ability. 
  • Passion for learning and seeking innovative solutions and new ideas externally. 

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